Friday, February 25, 2011

Submission Guidelines

*** These are only suggested guidelines. All of these guidelines are set in place to protect the author. Please be as cautious as possible while sharing your experience, while being as truthful as possible. ***

No general accusations such as “He lied to me.” Instead say, “He said ______ , which was untrue”. If it`s your opinion, say that it`s your opinion.

Try to be as non-confrontational as possible while using clean language.

We encourage you to also share the positive side of your story. Don't be accused of only being negative and be thankful when necessary. Practice humility!!

If you did something you regret, come clean, accepting blame where blame is due. Tell the entire truth. You won't have any credibility if you leave stuff out. Tell YOUR story, not something you heard from someone else.

You are encouraged to include supporting documentation when available. Any type of proof is welcome. (documents, letters, emails etc...) Events and meetings should be as detailed as possible. The more detail, the more effective your story is. There is no limit to how long it can be. It may be posted in segments. Please tell the full story, not half the story.

A lot of what you will say is heresay because it was only done verbally and without witnesses. If there were witnesses, say so.

Author's name should be published with the story. We're standing up for truth!!! In certain circumstances, the story may be published anonymously.

Your submission will be proofread. We will not edit your story for content, but make corrections for spelling and grammatical errors. Your story will not be published without your final approval. For those people who are not comfortable with typing and would like help, TBIO offers their assistance. Just email and someone will help you out. Your approval gives permission for your story to be published on the blog.

Your submission will not be shared outside of the blog administrators before being published.

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