Friday, February 25, 2011


THE BRIDGE IS OUT! Are we going to help other families avoid trouble, or just help them out of the water? Do you wish someone had stepped in sooner?

This blog is a collaboration of past members or regular attendees of churches that abuse power. A place where they can share their experience. This is a place for healing and truth. This is a collection of experiences many people and families have experienced. Many of these people posting have no connection. Most have never met. Their account of events span over twenty years. The common thread is the totalitarian and legalistic ruling of one man.

“We didn't tell you why we left because we wanted you to make your own decision." To them I would say, "When a bridge is out, should you warn me, or let me make my own decision after we're underwater?"

There are people standing on the shore saying sadly, "Oh, by the way, the bridge is out, but we didn't want to interrupt your Sunday drive. Here, can we help you out of the water?"  This is not how Christians should treat one another.

We are sharing our stories. Some of us will post our names. Some of us won't in order to protect our families and friends still attending this church.


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with the covenant?

Anonymous said...

Still waiting!!!

Melanie said...

Waiting for what?

Melanie said...

Anon 9:17, no one said there was anything wrong with a covenant.

Perhaps if you give some background to your question, it can be addressed more directly.